What began 55 years ago with the study, mixture and sale of medicinal herbs in an artisanal way in the Santa Margarita pharmacy in the city of San Juan Bautista- Misiones, Republic of Paraguay, today has become an industry that has transcended: members of the third generation make up the Board of Directors, its products are found in 6 countries, and it is the leading brand in Paraguay. Its creator, Dr. Oscar “Don Coco” Benítez Rapetti, along with his wife Martha Cuenca de Benítez, both pharmaceutical chemists, he an industrialist and she a biochemist, began selling mixtures of medicinal herbs for the preparation of tisanes, and today their products arrive to 6 countries. There are no secrets. The directors encompass the success of their family business in one sentence: sustainability as a management model. As explained by Leticia González Benítez, Director and Coordinator of Corporate Sustainability, the main focus of the company is not the preservation of our environment as such, but to instill and teach by example that man must live and interact in harmony with nature. Although sustainability is the current trend, Santa Margarita has lived this culture for 55 years, they say. “Because all the decisions were always thinking about future generations. Sustainability is not a fad for us, it is a lifestyle of the people who make up our company and the communities with which we work”.



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